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Atkins develops anti vandal solution for train doors

Atkins’ Rail Vehicles Consultancy (RVC) is launching its new concept design for an innovative feature which can be retrospectively applied to existing trains, protecting the sliding pocket rail doors from passenger interference.

A vital safety feature, the magnetic lock will prevent the passenger doors being opened when the train is moving.  It will also promote high levels of reliability on the rail network, preventing the delays caused by emergency brake applications and loss of traction.

This is a simple, cost-effective solution and with no moving parts, it will be virtually maintenance free. The flexible design can also be specified to clients’ individual requirements.

The magnetic lock will be activated as the train leaves the platform and deactivated upon its arrival at the next station. In the event of an emergency (where there is a loss of power), the electrically-controlled magnet lock will be released.

Atkins is now taking this device into the development stage, producing a design suitable for fleet fitment.

For further information, please contact John Chitham via email on John.Chitham@atkinsglobal.com or tel:07812 319 433

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