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CP6 contracts awarded for projects in the south of England

Network Rail’s plans for CP6 continue to gather pace with the news that contracts worth £7 billion have been awarded for projects in the south of England.

As part of record investment on Britain’s railways from April 2019 – 2024, three companies have been awarded the multi-billion pound contracts on a particular framework that will deliver improvements in Anglia, South East and Wessex.

For all three areas, Network Rail has included the option of one-year extensions if required in Control Period 7 (CP7), which takes the value of contracts past £7 billion.

The overall value in Anglia is in excess of £2.1 billion; for the South East, it is £2.8 billion; and for Wessex, the work will cost £2.1 billion.

The contracts in the south of England will ensure enhancements and upgrades of train stations, electrification, power, signalling, track, telecommunications, building and civils.

Network Rail has appointed three companies to undertake the work in the South of England; J Murphy & Sons will deliver the CP6 projects in Anglia; in the South East, it will be BAM Nuttall Ltd; while in Wessex, Geoffrey Osborne Ltd has been awarded the contract.

John Murphy, CEO of J Murphy & Sons, expressed his excitement at working on the contract.

He said: “We are excited to be part of Network Rail’s strategic partnership to deliver CP6.

“This award continues our long partnership with them in renewing and enhancing infrastructure throughout the UK and will give us the chance to work together and drive innovation and improvements.

“It was a real team effort across Murphy, and the framework will leverage our engineering and rail capabilities across our whole business.

“We are looking forward to getting started and delivering safely and efficiently to benefit rail passengers across the Anglia route.”

The south of England is the second region that has seen contracts awarded through CP6, following the example of Scotland and the North East in November.

And more are set to follow between the start of this year and April.

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