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Irus Mowers UK: at the forefront of embankment maintenance
Irus Mowers UK: at the forefront of embankment maintenance

Irus Mowers UK: at the forefront of embankment maintenance

With more than 85 years of experience, it’s no surprise that Irus Mowers UK is an industry-leading company, supplying a range of multi-purpose mowing machines to suit all needs.

In industry, the pitfalls of maintaining areas of land are plentiful, yet often underestimated. Peter Loxston, the company’s Managing Director, explains the dangers associated with maintaining embankments and why it’s crucial to pick the right machine for each and every job – something Irus Mowers can provide.

Slope and Embankment maintenance

This is becoming an increasing problem, we have more constructed embankments than ever before, to combat noise, flooding and general aesthetics of developments, but little thought during construction goes into maintenance.

The cutting of grass and scrub on these structures is not just for visual impact but more importantly, integrity of the structure; the more frequent the grass is cut to improve its quality and the reduction of weed in the bank will significantly increase the strength which is very important on dams, reservoirs and flood defence systems

When grass and scrub is left to go to seed during the summer months this also poses a potential fire risk.

In urban areas where the grass banks have been poorly maintained, vermin and pest control becomes increasingly difficult and more expensive.

On highways we have restricted vision, obscured signs and some of the above.

There is a risk on new development sites; if vegetation is left uncontrolled, this creates new habitat for ground nesting birds, field mice etc, which can cause significant delays and expense.

The implications of leaving difficult banks is now obvious, what is not so clear are the solutions.

If the banks are strimmed, this is expensive and slow; aside from the potential injuries incurred by operators, ankle back and knee damage, and I am sure we can imagine the seriousness of hitting a wasp nest whilst strapped to a brushcutter trying to get away quickly without tripping and sliding down a bank.

So we have an option of pedestrian or ride-on machinery.

Pedestrian machines can be very cost effective we still have many of the issues mentioned earlier but at least you have something to hang onto; be warned – these machines have rated safe working angles and if exceeded and an accident follows, the consequences are serious.

Ride-on machines can be even more hazardous and as such, the safe working angle data should be clearly marked on the machinery and under no circumstances exceeded. An operator trapped in machine rolling down a bank does not bear thinking about.

Most machines have a very low figure – as little as 12 degrees and most no more than 15 degrees, so in actual fact not much of a slope mower at all.

It is not all doom and gloom; there are some machines very capable and safe on a slope.

As a company, we have been dealing with these issues for in excess of 20 years and have a wealth of experience in recommending the correct machines from a health and safety point of view but also an economic one.

We sell and hire machines, based on an understanding of the type of slope, the condition, its purpose and the economic constraints.

This could mean supplying an Embankment Tractor, a ride-on slope mower or a variety of Remote Radio controlled machines from 6.5hp rotary to 60hp flail mower.

The key is the right machine for the right job at the right price; at Irus Mowers UK, we know we have the machine to suit all needs.

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