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Logistics sector welcomes government's investment in robots
Logistics sector welcomes government's investment in robots

Logistics sector welcomes government’s investment in robots

The logistics sector has praised the government’s “innovative approach” to the problem caused by roadworks, by developing robots to repair underground pipes.

Efficient logistics are vital to the trade of Britain and the wider economy; any delays can have an effect on more than seven million people who are involved in the logistics sector.

The disruptions on the UK’s roads can certainly cause delays that affect logistics and businesses all over the country; the importance of the sector is highlighted further with other disruptive forces including the impacts of Brexit too.

It is why the government’s plans to invest more than £26 million in micro robots to work on the vast underground pipe network in the UK has been welcomed so positively.

The UK’s underground pipe network is responsible for approximately 1.5 million road excavations every year, causing serious disruption and resulting in potentially hazardous working conditions.

By creating micro robots that can undertake these repairs, excavations will be unnecessary, helping the logistics sector move much more efficiently.

And the Freight Transport Association (FTA), a significant voice for the sector, hopes this use of advanced technology sets a precedent in the future.

Malcolm Bingham, Head of Policy North of England, said: “FTA is delighted the government has realised the extent of the disruption caused to road users by unexpected roadworks and taken an innovative approach to combat this serious issue.

“Unexpected roadworks are one of the biggest challenges to the logistics industry; they prevent hauliers from operating at maximum efficiency and ultimately, hinder the growth of the UK economy.

“The development of these robots is a perfect example of how government should be deploying advanced technology to solve the problems facing the logistics sector, where appropriate, keeping the cost of repairs to a minimum and ensuring that traffic keeps moving while work is undertaken.

“FTA hopes the robots are successful in their mission and set a precedent for ongoing government innovation and future investment.”

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