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Lords Select Committee says UK can be a world leader in AI
Lords Select Committee says UK can be a world leader in AI

Lords Select Committee says UK can be a world leader in AI

A government Select Committee has declared the UK has the potential to be a world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) development.

Set up in June 2017, the Select Committee on AI is responsible for considering the economic, ethical and social implications of advances in AI, as well as making recommendations.

Its report said that if the UK takes advantage of its strong position to be a world leader, and there is a wider adoption of AI, the economy could be boosted for years to come.

Certainly, the government is aware of the impact that AI can have, and the potential for industries in the UK to harness this; off the back of the Select Committee findings, a £1 billion tech deal was confirmed to enhance the AI industry.

The Select Committee believe the UK has a “unique opportunity” to shape the future of AI for the future, and lead the international community on this journey.

The best way to benefit the economy is to make sure ethics is put at the forefront of AI development.

Five principles were suggested, as part of one of the recommendations from the report which suggested the establishment of a cross-sector AI Code that can be adopted nationally and worldwide.

To achieve this vision, AI should be developed for the common good; operate on principles of intelligibility and fairness; not be used to diminish the data rights or privacy of individuals or communities; all citizens should have the right to be educated in AI; and the autonomous power to hurt human beings shouldn’t be vested within AI.

Committee Chairman, Lord Clement-Jones, said: “The UK contains leading AI companies, a dynamic academic research culture, and a vigorous start-up ecosystem as well as a host of legal, ethical, financial and linguistic strengths. We should make the most of this environment, but it is essential that ethics take centre stage in AI’s development and use.

“We’ve asked whether the UK is ready willing and able to take advantage of AI. With our recommendations, it will be.”

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