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Media City Manchester Footbridge


Installation of a circular marine cofferdam in the canal to provide a dry working environment for the construction of the mass gravity concrete foundation for the new Media City Footbridge. Piles were installed around a pre-fabricated gate system that also provided the waling support for the cofferdam structure.

Works Description

  • Structural steelwork fabrication on site for the cofferdam waling frames.
  • Installation of sheet pile and tubular piles.
  • Marine support personnel and marine lifting barges provided to assist the bridge construction.
  • Excavation within the cofferdam using long reach excavators on barges.
  • Installation of mass concrete plug at the bottom of the cofferdam.

Media City Bridge
Manchester Ship Canal, Manchester
Balfour Beatty
£ 1,000,000
April 07, 2016
Coastal, Cofferdam Installation, Land Side, Marine, Piling, Sheet Piling