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PM confirms date for vote on her Brexit deal
PM confirms date for vote on her Brexit deal

PM confirms date for vote on her Brexit deal

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed she intends to hold a vote on her Brexit deal in the week commencing January 14.

Addressing the House of Commons after yet another week of uncertainty, the Prime Minister has set the date after delaying the vote on approval of her Brexit deal last week.

Since that date, she has had to withstand a no confidence vote from her own party, and then headed to an EU summit where the latter seemed to strengthen its negotiating position.

All this is leading to even greater uncertainty for businesses; the Brexit deal outlined in the Withdrawal Agreement Mrs May initially came back with triggered a number of cabinet resignations; it is also clear meanwhile, that MPs on the same side of the house want a ‘hard Brexit’, which isn’t satisfied by the deal brought back from Europe.

The majority of opposition MPs are opposed to the agreement already outlined, which leaves the Prime Minister with very little room for manoeuvre.

In Parliament, Mrs May warned against a second referendum, which is increasingly looking like the only option other than no deal which, would cause significant “border delays, as well as additional costs and red tape,” according to the Chief Executive of the Freight Transport Association, who outlined his own concerns to Business Britain.

But Mrs May says another referendum is not the right option. She said: “Let us not break faith with the British people by trying to stage another referendum.

“Another vote which would do irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics, because it would say to millions who trusted in democracy, that our democracy does not deliver.”

In the meantime, business decisions will be affected because of the uncertainty; at the present time, the stalemate remains.

But businesses know that, in the first few weeks of the year, that stalemate should be broken, through the results of parliament’s vote on the Brexit deal.


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