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Track access services launches digital learning portal

Digital rail specialists Track Access Services Limited (TAS) have launched a UK-wide online portal to share route information, in partnership with DB Cargo UK. This means the rail freight operator is now offering digital route learning for its drivers.

TAS Managing Director David Reed explains that “the new web-based delivery solution provides unlimited access for a variety of tablets and mobile devices. We are pleased to be working on this joint collaboration with DB Cargo UK, and see great potential for the rail industry using this technology.”

DB has filmed rail routes across the country using a specialist camera to create a route portal which drivers can access online. Created in collaboration with TAS, it runs high-quality footage of the route alongside a moving map while advising on areas such as speed and signals. Digital learning allows drivers to review routes and individual sections without adding to the number of trains on the network. It also reduces costs and allows faster mobilisation for geographic or seasonal spikes in workload.

Feedback from drivers and industry stakeholders has been positive. With around 40% of the UK rail network already filmed, work continues so that digital route learning can be rolled out even further.

Please click the following link for a demonstration https://vimeo.com/216563092/84fcbd3a89

Or visit www.TrackAccessPortal.com for more information.

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