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Two consultations launched by HS2 Ltd on Phase 2b
Image courtesy of HS2 Ltd

Two consultations launched by HS2 Ltd on Phase 2b

HS2 Ltd has launched two consultations, containing detailed design proposals, which will see the new high speed railway extended further north.

The consultations focus on the railway between the Midlands and the North, specifically in relation to the Phase 2b route, which will serve the communities between the West Midlands, Manchester and Leeds upon completion.

When delivering his update to the House of Commons, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced the start of a consultation regarding the environmental impact of this route.

However there are two consultations including that one, both of which will last 10 weeks and give communities, businesses and other interested stakeholders the opportunity to respond to designs and mitigation measures for the Phase 2b route.

The government say that the route which will be constructed during Phase 2b will allow the destinations to “benefit significantly” from business growth and jobs that HS2 will provide.

Already, approximately 2,000 companies  have been awarded contracts, and this will only increase once Phase 2b plans progress.

As part of this process, two consultations will give the public and businesses the opportunity to have their say.

These include the draft Environmental Statement that describes the design of the railway and reports on the impacts of both its construction and operation, alongside measures proposed to reduce these impacts.

The other consultation is the working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report, considering the effects of construction and operation of the railway on people with protected characteristics.

Both consultations will end just prior to Christmas, with businesses and residents invited to view and respond to the detailed design plans.

Leonie Dubois, HS2 Ltd’s Head of Consultation and Engagement, said: “HS2 is coming to the north and it will reap significant benefits as a result.

“High speed rail will play a crucial role in rebalancing Britain’s economy; driving business growth, stimulating investment and creating jobs right across the country.

“Through the public consultations, we are providing a more detailed account of how we propose to build the railway and minimise its impacts during construction and operation.”

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