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[VIDEO] Network Rail launch First Class Mate campaign

Network Rail has launched its First Class Mate campaign in partnership with the British Transport Police (BTP) to encourage people to take extra care of their friends and colleagues during Christmas and New Year.

This is because figures show the number of violent offences recorded at railway stations that are fuelled by alcohol has more than doubled over the last two years.

With the support of Drinkaware, Network Rail and the BTP are urging party goers during the festive period to take even greater care of themselves and friends when travelling on the railway, and ensure safety of all passengers.

In the last decade, 21 deaths have been recorded as a result of alcohol-related incidents on station platforms, or between platforms and trains.

Many more have been severely injured as a result of slips, falls and trips at train stations.

The First Class Mate campaign will help people to get home safely when under the influence of alcohol, which can significantly affect judgement.

As a result, Network Rail is reminding people to stay safe.

A video has been released along with the First Class Mate campaign; it shows terrifying footage which shows the dangers and near-misses encountered by those intoxicated on Britain’s railways.

And Allan Spence, head of public and passenger safety at Network Rail, is urging everybody to take care.

He said: “We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves over the festive period, but after a few drinks people often take greater risks, which can frequently lead to people getting hurt or even killed.

“Travelling home by train is absolutely the safest way. But we have seen drunk people taking a short cut across the tracks, chancing it at level crossings or falling between a train and the platforms.

“Even escalators see more drink-fuelled accidents.

“Please take care of yourself and your friends – don’t let that last drink cause bad decisions.

“Be a ‘First Class Mate’ and look out for those making their way home by train that may have had one too many.”

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